May 2, 2010

Binge and Purge

It felt so good to get some serious spring cleaning done this weekend. Love that you can just post the things you no longer need on craigslist or the reuseit network and someone will just come to the house and take them away. I feel like a bulimic when it comes to material stuff - I collect a bunch of things that satisfy some momentary urge to consume (shopping always makes me feel better), feel guilty about buying something that I didn't need or truly love, try to make a home for it, eventually end up disgusted by all the clutter and excess and then purge and minimize. It's a viscous cycle but one that I am bound to break. Read more about freedom from stuff here

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kenyon said...

You are not alone in such feelings. I too need to purge myself of some clutter. I'm considering selling my favorite guitar on cragslist just to make some ends meet. I really would rather not but bills MUST be paid.... Good job on the blog old girl! You've been talking about it for some time and it's nice to see you making your move.